Passionate about strategies that promote empowerment and entrepreneurship that change the world, Ethel Côté is the recipient of several awards, including the Order of Ontario, the Ordre des caisses populaires de l'Ontario and the Grade de Chevalier de la Pléiade - Ordre de la francophonie, Ethel Côté is recognized for her best practice in the social solidarity economy, particularly in social entrepreneurship, strategic and business planning, democratic governance, capacity building, solidarity finance and organizational development.

Whether it is community economic development, social innovation, support for collective impact initiatives, consolidation of nonprofit organizations, her roadmap reflects her contribution to society. To date, more than 600 organizations, institutions and social enterprises have used her services, 34,000 people have benefited from her training and 127,000 people are following her on social media.

Ethel Côté is founder and CEO of mécènESS, Institut sociale and entreprisesociale.ca. She has worked in the economic, social, cultural and environmental sectors for over three decades. As a leader in the field of the social economy, Ethel can help clients and organizations with management, planning, organizational development, social finance and communication.


Ethel Côté helps non-profit, for-profit, co-op, charity and non-incorporated business types .

They offer paid services in English and French for all ages .

They deliver in-person and online services in the form of workshops, courses and coaching .


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