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Our mandate is to encourage and contribute to the enterprising spirit and economic development of the County by assisting entrepreneurs with the development of new or existing companies.

Enterprise Renfrew County is a great place to start whether you have a solid business concept or you are exploring becoming an entrepreneur. You will receive valuable one-on-one free information, advice and a free business consultation with our experienced, professional Business Consultant.

You will receive knowledgeable support on registering your business, taxes, licensing requirements, importing, exporting, market research, creating a business plan, financing, bookkeeping and many other business related inquiries. If you are not sure where to turn we are here to help point you in the right direction.

Our Business Consultant is available to assist you as a small business owner in keeping your business operating efficiently on a day-to-day basis and with your growing requirements in the future. The consultations are done by appointment only at either the Renfrew or Pembroke office.

We are available to conduct consultations at your place of business for your convenience. If there are questions that we can’t answer we will steer you to the sources of more specialized information.


Enterprise Renfrew County helps non-profit, for-profit, co-op, charity and non-incorporated business types in Renfrew / Pembroke .

They offer free services in English for all ages .

They deliver in-person and online services in the form of coaching .


  • Build new skills

    Enterprise Renfrew County can help you build new skills in financing and business planning.

  • Get connected

    Enterprise Renfrew County can help you get connected through coaches.

Not sure where to start? Check out our guides for entrepreneurs and business advisors Close notice