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Qu'il s'agisse de développement des affaires ou d'expertises, d'acquisition de connaissances, de prise de conscience et d'exploration des enjeux prioritaires dans le contexte économique de la capitale nationale, le RGA est un incontournable pour les entreprises francophones et francophiles de la Capitale nationale. C’est une organisation qui rassemble les entreprises, les entrepreneurs, les jeunes entrepreneurs, les entrepreneurs ethnoculturels ainsi que les travailleurs autonomes.

Whether it's business development or expertise, knowledge acquisition, awareness and exploration of priority issues in the economic context of the nation’s capital, the RGA is a must for businesses in and around the nation’s capital. It's an organization that brings together businesses, entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, ethnocultural entrepreneurs and self-employed workers.


RGA helps non-profit, for-profit, co-op, charity and non-incorporated business types in Ottawa .

They offer free and paid services in English and French for all ages .

They deliver in-person and online services in the form of workshops, courses, coaching and self-directed .


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