Demonstrating Value


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The objective of this exercise is to foster a frank discussion about the benefits and challenges of operating social enterprise(s) as a tool to meet your organization’s objectives. Identify a cross section of people in your organization who are involved in decisions about the social enterprise. This includes both those who work in the enterprise(s) and the non-profit ‘parent’ organization.


Demonstrating Value helps non-profit business types .

They offer free services in English for all ages .

They deliver online services in the form of self-directed .


  • Build new skills

    Demonstrating Value can help you build new skills in impact measurement.

    Review the questions on the pages that follow, and short-list 10 – 15 questions that you think would be most relevant to ask about your situation. Add your own questions, if you do not see the right ones there. You can then use the questions in different ways to assess the impact of the social enter

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