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UNCAPPED is CSED’s capacity building program enabling the start-up, growth and scaling of social enterprises. Charities, non-profits and for-profit businesses, with a clearly demonstrated public benefit, can seek readiness and capacity building support as well as grant, loan or grant/loan combination financing.

UNCAPPED is designed to overcome the barriers and gaps faced by social enterprise at all stages of development.


UNCAPPED helps non-profit, for-profit, co-op, charity and non-incorporated business types in Ontario .

They offer free and paid services in English for all ages .

They deliver in-person and online services in the form of coaching and self-directed .


  • Build new skills

    UNCAPPED can help you build new skills in financing, business planning and impact measurement.

  • Find money

    UNCAPPED can help you find money through grants and loans.

    Funding will be awarded through a competitive application and review process

  • Get connected

    UNCAPPED can help you get connected through coaches.


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