Bad + Bitchy Podcast

Intersectional feminist podcast covering the latest in politics, social issues and pop culture

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Sustainable Development Goals - 5. Gender Equality
  • Sustainable Development Goals - 10. Reduced Inequality
  • Sustainable Development Goals - 16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

Quick facts

  • Founded: March 2017
  • Home base: Unceded Algonquin Territory
  • Sector: Advocacy, Arts and Culture

What is your social mission?

Founded in 2017, the Bad + Bitchy podcast strives to make the world a better place for the “entire spectrum of folks who don’t identify as an old white guy”. Hosts Erica Ifill, Erin Gee and Amy Kishek discuss politics, social issues and pop culture, giving a voice to those that don’t in regular media.

What makes Bad + Bitchy different?

  • All-female endeavor led by self-identifying POC (People of Colour)
  • Highly digitally engaged with physical events
  • Created ‘NowWhat?! Ottawa’, a non-partisan collection of organizations in Ottawa highlighting issues of gender-based violence and inequality in 2018’s provincial and municipal elections.


  • March 2017


  • January 2018

    New co-hosts brought on board

  • March 2018

    Over 10,000 downloads

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