Homegrown Food Basket

Bringing local produce to market | Training, mentorship and access to low-cost land for new farmers

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Sustainable Development Goals - 2. Zero Hunger
  • Sustainable Development Goals - 10. Reduced Inequality
  • Sustainable Development Goals - 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Quick facts

  • Founded: August 2015
  • Organizational Structure: for-profit
  • Home base: Fordwich Ontario
  • Sector: Consumer Goods, International Development

What's your social mission?

Our mission is to root farmers in fertile soil, assisting farmers to gain market access, generate sustainable income, and pursue sustainable farming.

Homegrown Food Market is an online farmers’ market that helps local growers sell their produce, in-turn creating revenue to support training, mentorship and access to low-cost land for new farmers.


  • The virtual market makes it easier than ever to connect with local producers with food delivery to your doorstep
  • Homegrown uses a Land Bank model in Canada and abroad to break cycles of poverty through investment and education.

Many farmers have struggled getting their products out to market. So Homegrown aims to build that connection for the farmer. We have built an online platform which allows farmers to get their products out there and easily have their products go from their farm to tables across Southwestern Ontario.

David Scherpenzeel

Co-Founder Homegrown Food Basket

farming-farmer-work 19

Local producers

farming-wheat 200+

Local products to fill your basket

business-money-basket 70%

Of sales go back to the farmer


  • May 2014

    Founders David and Jef meet during Canadian Foodgrains Bank Young Adult Food Study Tour

  • March 2018

    First local producer signs on to Homegrown Food Basket

  • May 2018

    First Homegrown Food Basket delivered

  • January 2019

    Homegrown launches first domestic land bank project, an indoor hydroponic growing system

  • June 2019

    First retail location opens in Wingham: a food store and café

The Ecosystem

Homegrown is an active participant in our business ecosystem. Here are a few of the services they’ve used:

Co-Founder Jef

Jef describes the common struggle of bringing local produce to Ontario tables and how this paint point drives much of the Homegrown Food Basket mission.

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