Seek Adventure and Tours

Building meaningful connections with the land, water and local peoples.

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Sustainable Development Goals - 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Quick facts

  • Founded: 2018
  • Organizational Structure: for-profit
  • Home base: Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • Sector: Arts and Culture

What's your social mission?

Our mission is to lead exceptional tours, be ecologically and socially responsible, and celebrate local distinctiveness. We exist to build meaningful connections with the land, water and local peoples, contributing to community vitality.



  • Every tour is co-created with the community
  • Emphasis on nearby natural areas, connecting people with the rich stories of the land in soulful and experiential ways
  • Core principle of responsible tourism

Picture of the owner Sue, beside her testimonial

My advice for other businesses? Listen to your gut. Be mindful of not getting too caught up and doing too much, just be. Always stay open and remain positive. Be open to learning. It doesn’t matter what level you are at, there is always more to learn and grow from. What I really hope is that as humanity goes forward, that it becomes the norm that businesses consider their effect on the greater good, on the local and global community, and the environment. These things have been neglected far too long in search for just profit.

Sue Hamel

Owner/Lead Guide Seek Adventure and Tours

museum-exhibition 75+

Tours and workshops delivered

travel-man-luggage 400+

Guests have participated in SEEK experiences


  • October 2017

    The idea for Seek Adventure and Tours strikes Sue, Owner and Lead Guide, during a canoe outing

  • May 2018

    First tour delivered

  • August 2018

    Official launch, website goes live

  • September 2018

    First staff ‘soulful guide’ hired

The Ecosystem

Seek Adventure and Tours is an active participant in our business ecosystem. Here are a few of the services they’ve used:

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